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        Behavior Consults and Personalized Dog Training

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Marin County, California

Every dog and their person has a story.  Let's plan your next chapter together.

Customized Dog/Human Behavior Plans and Family Dog Mediation

Personal Attention and Progressive Results


  Specializing in helping people and dogs work together as a team, I have over 25 years of experience as a trainer, teacher and coach.  As a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant and Licensed Family Dog Mediator, I use the ethological Learning/Environment/Genes/Self model as the structure for my consultations. This gives me the platform to help clients develop the confidence and technical skills necessary to both understand and communicate with their dogs, address their struggles and make pragmatic changes to the environment while seeing the world through their dog's perspective. 


The Family Dog Mediation model addresses the needs of both humans and dogs so problems can be solved and solutions discovered. 

Behavior Consultation
 Assessment of issues  with a behavior plan and hands- on help.

Private Training
Learn how to support your dog while teaching alternate behaviors

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I know each animal is different,

and I’ll work with yours to give them the specific guidance and training plan they need. 

I am here to help.

Happy People. Happier Dogs.

Client Testimonials

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I highly recommend Kirsten Wojcik.  We only had one session so far and I already have some powerful tools to command or redirect my 21-month-old's attention.  She is intuitive, calm and uses positive reinforcement that speaks to the way the dog''s brain works.  No shock collars.  No heavy-handed methods.  No ego.  Just common sense techniques that work.  We both love her.  Louis stood on the hill and watched her drive away after our session.  That's respect (particularly because one of his best friends was waiting to play right behind him.). I am so glad I found her.  I feel very supported.  

-Dana & Louis

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When our dog Leo started having issues with territoriality, we were worried and reached out to Kirsten for help.  With Kirsten's patience, knowledge and repertoire of training games, Leo was able to accept guests into our home and our relationship with him is so much stronger.  Now we understand what Leo's triggers are, and we can support him as we show him that he is "off duty."  

-Rodney & Leo

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"Kirsten Wojcik is no ordinary trainer.  As a certified behavior consultant, she understands what motivates both dogs and their humans.  She is also a tremendous coach, mentor, and cheerleader.  As a new dog owner, I was fortunate to have met such an attentive, intuitive partner to guide me through the aches, pains, and joys of establishing and nurturing a relationship with my new pup.  Together we address problems and issues, and it’s not just during our sessions—Kirsten makes herself infinitely available in-between by phone, text, and email.  I always know I can reach out to Kirsten no matter how big or small my concern is.  The combination of her deep skills as a trainer and her warmth and emotional intelligence as a human being make her truly one of a kind." 

-Vanessa & Gizmo

"Kirsten is an incredibly wise, insightful and loving trainer. She was able to explain trouble spots from my dog’s point of view, so that I understood how to shape her behavior with rewards and games that resulted in win-win change for both of us!"

-Wendy & Willow

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Kirsten Wojcik CDBC
Licensed Family Dog Mediator


Marin County, CA


Kirsten is one of less than 300

  Certified Dog Behavior Consultants worldwide.


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