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Consultations and Classes

Personal Attention, Progressive Results

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I know each dog is unique,

and I will work with yours to give them the specific guidance and behavior support they need. 

I am here to help.

Behavior Evaluation and Consultations


During our initial evaluation, I will conduct an assessment of your dog's behavior issues and design a solution with a concrete behavior plan.  Whether your dog is barking and lunging at other dogs on leash, fearful of strangers, or demonstrating issues like territoriality, we will practice a step-by-step procedure to address the issues and give you the confidence to teach your dog more positive behaviors.

The session includes discussion and practice with recap notes, videos and a detailed step-by-step behavior plan. 


•$190 for Initial One-Hour Consultation: 

Personalized evaluation and behavior plan with unlimited access to Kirsten via phone and email support.


•$170 for Follow-Up Practice Sessions:

Modifications if needed and more hands-on practice with unlimited access to Kirsten via phone and email support.

Several pet insurance companies will cover the cost of a session with a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant, so I recommend reaching out if you have pet insurance to see if you will be reimbursed for our sessions.

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Classes and Semi-Private Sessions

Contact Kirsten today for more info on enrichment classes. 

Learn. Laugh.  Grow Together.

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