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Behavior Consultations and Family Dog Mediation  

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Behavior Consultations

Seeing the world through your dog's perspective is an important aspect in

understanding their behavior and needs.

Behavior Evaluation and Consultation

Initial Session 


•$150 for one hour

Assessment of your dog's behavior issues will allow us to create a solution with a concrete behavior plan.  Whether your dog is leash reactive, fearful of strangers, or demonstrating issues like territoriality, we will practice a step-by-step procedure to address the issues and give you the confidence to teach your dog more positive behaviors.

Includes discussion and practice with recap notes and a Family Mediation Behavior Plan. 

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Practice Session

Private Follow Up Practice Sessions


•150$ for one hour


​After our initial consult, if your dog needs help developing skills to address a specific behavioral issue like reactivity or aggression, or you just want to keep working to build your dog's confidence and nurture their well-being, Private Practice Sessions will be a great option for you.  Together we will follow a personal behavior plan to meet your dog's and family's needs. 

You choose the location!

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Training Hikes
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